PECM: new opportunities for extreme precision

Precision Electro Chemical Machining (PECM) is a highly advanced technology offering new opportunities for extremely accurate product processing.

Extreme precision, minimal wear

PECM’s chief advantage is that it results in very little tool wear. Large series can be produced from a single tool, with absolute precision throughout. Jobs are machined at micron level, making tolerances of 2 micron and roughness of 0.03 Ra perfectly possible. When combined with the relatively high process speed, this makes PECM particularly suitable for the series production of extreme precision parts and components.

PAC: knowledge and expertise under one roof

PEMTec is a German based company, with a worldwide operation developing machines for electrochemical precision machining. PEMTec appointed Ter Hoek as its exclusive PEM Application Centre (PAC) for the Benelux in late 2016.

The tools are at the very heart of every PECM process. Working closely with the client, we develop pilot tools for PECM machines that are used for creating product prototypes. Once successfully confirmed that a product can be processed using PECM, Ter Hoek will also deliver the tools for the series production.

As PEM Application Centre we possess the required knowledge to support our clients in every phase of development and process selection. With our own PEM800 machine we can also use PECM in-house for the benefit of our clients.

The advantages

  • Large, extremely accurate series possible
  • High process speed
  • In-house development of tools
  • Tolerances from 2 micron
  • Roughness from 0.03 Ra

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