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Micro laser is a form of material processing based on Laser MicroJet (LMJ). LMJ is an advanced application that enables you to work with extremely high precision.

Extreme precision for nearly any material

Using Laser MicroJet a laser beam is captured in a water jet. This creates a ‘pillar’ of laser energy. Where traditional laser cutting can only be applied to flat surfaces, LMJ offers new possibilities for cutting into three-dimensional objects. Using a laser diameter starting at 30 microns perpendicular cutting edges are created.

This revolutionary technology can be used with most materials: from conductive and semi-conductive metals and ceramic to even insulators such as diamond, plastics and composite material.

Precise, fast and clean

Using LMJ we mainly process materials up to 5 millimetres thick. Would you like to have thicker materials processed? If so, contact us for information about the possibilities! Laser MicroJet is just as accurate as EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining or spark erosion) and offers numerous additional benefits.

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  • No heat-affected zone
  • No trace elements on the surface
  • Sharp angles without rounding
  • Low-stress machining
  • Higher processing speed