Advanced material processing down to a thousandth of a millimetre

Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) is a form of material processing. Under the influence of electrical tension between the workpiece and an electrode, small sparks are generated that melt small bits of the material. EDM, also known as spark erosion, is therefore one of the most precise processing methods, with accuracy down to a thousandth of a millimetre. EDM can be used on any material, as long as it is electrically conductive. The hardness of the material is not a factor.

Consistent quality in the smallest size

One of the major advantages of wire EDM is the constant quality for materials down to the smallest of dimensions.Traditional processing techniques such as drilling and milling use rotating parts to shape the material. EDM is a process that does not use rotating parts. This makes it possible to create continuous contours with sharp internal angles.


As an innovative manufacturer of precision components, Ter Hoek specialises in numerous applications based on EDM. Depending on the desired process a choice is made between wire EDM, die sinking, micro EDM milling and hole-drilling EDM or a combination of various applications. Are you interested in finding out how we can help improve your process with our advanced processes? We look forward to hearing from you! Click here for more information.

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Innovative and organised

The advanced machinery in our climate-controlled production facility offers our team the room to do what they do best: deliver innovative and high-quality solutions, regardless of shape, dimensions, material or quantities. When doing so we utilise short lead times and solid organisation.