Ter Hoek invests in talent

Investment in talent pays off. Our team consists of driven professionals who work daily to provide high-end and customized solutions for our customers.

So they can continue innovating. They force us to go beyond our limits and they demand extreme precision, no matter the material. Are you ready to face that challenge with us?

We are Ter Hoek

With our groundbreaking ability to find solutions we produce precision components for customers throughout Europe.

With the passion and drive within our team, we ensure that these customers can continue to develop.

Specialists in EDM and LMJ

With 25 years of experience, we know the world of precision components like no other.

We have become specialists in EDM and Laser MicroJet (LMJ) by focusing on innovation and extreme precision.

The precision and the drive to do better time and time again
Pedro Mas
There is a team spirit in which we not only formally but also informally strongly interact. Including the management! This working atmosphere encourages professional relationships and trust in each other
Anil Korkmaz
Taking up the challenge every day is my mission, being a specialist is my passion
Theo van Driel
Growth opportunities are very important to me! I like to see a company that invests and believes in its people. I believe in the people as the largest capital asset
Gerard Heithuis
Today Ter Hoek strives to deliver the quality that the customer demands tomorrow
Martin Mulder def