Ter Hoek takes the next step in precision engineering production as PAC

On 14 September, during the AMB international exhibition in Stuttgart, Ter Hoek Vonkerosie signed a partnership agreement with the German company PEMTec. From now on, Ter Hoek will be known as PEM Application Center (PAC) in the Benelux. In doing so, the company from Rijssen is taking the next step towards further specialisation in the field of precision engineering technologies.


PEMTec is an internationally operating organisation that develops equipment for Precision Electro Chemical Machining (PECM). With the partnership, Ter Hoek becomes part of a select group of specialists that make this new, highly advanced technology available to manufacturers.

“The big advantage of this new technology is that it results in virtually no wear to tools,” says Director Gerrit ter Hoek. “This means that we can manufacture large production series at exactly the same level of precision using a single tool. Components can be machined at a micron level, making very low tolerances and, therefore, extreme accuracy possible.”

The development of tools for PECM machines is something that Ter Hoek was born to. Over the past quarter of a century, the Rijssen-based company has developed into a specialist in the precision engineering industry, through such technologies as spark erosion and LaserMicroJet. The partnership with PEMTec is the next logical step for the firm. Ter Hoek makes test tools for PECM equipment, from which prototypes are developed. Once a product is ready for serial production, Ter Hoek also delivers the final tool.

“In addition, as PAC, we have the know-how needed to support the client during every stage of development and in each choice of process,” Gerrit ter Hoek continues. “And we ourselves can also perform PECM for our clients, using our own PEM800 machine.”

Technical specifications of the PEM800:


Ter Hoek will be represented with a stand at the Precision Trade Fair in Veldhoven on 16 and 17 November. Information on this new technology will be available at stand no. 101. For other questions, please contact Ter Hoek by telephone, on +31 (0)548 – 540807, or by e-mail: info@terhoek.com.

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