When manufacturing or processing high-tech components, utmost precision is vital. The project specifications accurately describe the exact maximum amount allowed to be deviated from the defined dimensioning. We refer to that maximum permitted deviation as the tolerance.


The tolerance is generally determined by the manufacturer. Where necessary, Ter Hoek provides advice on this matter based on its knowledge and years of experience, as we are able to achieve very tight tolerances. This does, however, demand a more intensive production process. If a broader tolerance suffices, this will have a positive effect on the cost price.

To a thousandth of a millimetre

Under certain conditions a tolerance of up to 1.0 microns (a thousandth of a millimetre) can be achieved using EDM. But a tolerance of just 20 microns in material 500 millimetres thick is also no problem at Ter Hoek! We determine the optimum tolerance in collaboration with you, the client, based on the choice of technology, machine and material.

Constant conditions

Our production area is optimally laid out to manage our processes to the very last detail. For example, the temperature is always at a constant 20 degrees Celsius, as uniform conditions are essential to guarantee our high reliability in series production. Our series are constant because the process is under constant control.

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Innovative and organised

The advanced machinery in our climate-controlled production facility offers our team the room to do what they do best: deliver innovative and high-quality solutions, regardless of shape, dimensions, material or quantities. When doing so we utilise short lead times and solid organisation.