Over the years Ter Hoek has grown from a manufacturer to a problem solver. Advice and support during the engineering has become a standard part of our tasks.

When you come to us with a ready-made plan, we will meticuously carry that out for you. But increasingly often our customers come to us with issues that require a custom solution. Those are the challenges that allow us to fully utilise our specific knowledge and experience to the fullest. Because also when it comes to producing high-tech components, there are many ways to achieve our goals. And we would be happy to chart the best route together with you. We include this service as standard.

Total solutions

Where necessary we can also carry out other parts of the process for you. With us, the purchase of materials and the pre and post-processing are in good hands. For all of these matters we apply the same principle: we arrive at the desired service provision in consultation with you. And there is no need for you to come to us in person for these consults: we would be happy to discuss the various matters with you via telephone or email!

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Innovative and organised

The advanced machinery in our climate-controlled production facility offers our team the room to do what they do best: deliver innovative and high-quality solutions, regardless of shape, dimensions, material or quantities. When doing so we utilise short lead times and solid organisation.