At Ter Hoek we look at the bigger picture, including when it comes to the costs. We help our customers determine the Total Costs of Ownership (TCO): the development and manufacturing costs set off against the total life span and the anticipated maintenance costs. And that pays off! By making the right decisions in the preliminary phase, manufacturing efficiently and making additional investments in quality, we deliver high-quality products that are long-lasting and demand relatively little maintenance.

The advantage of the right decisions

We keep roughness and tolerances low and choose the most suitable processing methods. We critically look at designs so that, where possible, we can further increase efficiency. You as a customer reap the benefits of this – both today, but more importantly, in the future!

Efficient manufacturing

Our machinery is set up as efficiently as possible. A working day for us totals 24 hours and we make optimum use of those hours. Many of our machines are continuously operational and are largely fully automatic. This way we keep the number of man-hours to a minimum and we link process certainty with a favourable cost price. Efficiency according to Ter Hoek!

Certainty in series production

At Ter Hoek we know the importance of cost efficiency in series production. The higher the run, the greater the effect of a favourable price per piece. As we have meticulous control over all of our process, we are able to deliver highly reliable series: all units are identical down to the smallest detail. In large runs, but also the smaller series. Thanks to this process reliability we can achieve a relatively high number of unmanned hours.

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Innovative and organised

The advanced machinery in our climate-controlled production facility offers our team the room to do what they do best: deliver innovative and high-quality solutions, regardless of shape, dimensions, material or quantities. When doing so we utilise short lead times and solid organisation.